Spatial resolution & cost effectiveness

Spatial resolution & cost effectiveness


Building a high-resolution velocity model using new mathematical approaches and adequate computing resources

  • RTH velocity ​​calculation with significantly lower computational costs and significantly higher resolution than by high frequency Full Wave Inversion (FWI) method
  • Calculation of over 20 new independent ultra-high spatial resolution seismic attributes

HPC is 50 Teraflops. 2D RTH diffractors with GR curve and velocity (wiggle). The pixel size is 12.5×2.5 m. The dimension  is 720×1600 m. Baltic Syneclise, Curonian Depression.

The cost of HPC  250 Petaflops is approximately 5000 times higher than the cost of HPC 50 Teraflops.

High frequency FWI velocity model by DUG Company

HPC is 250 Petaflops. Size is 60×5 km. Figure is from website of DUG Company :

RTH Ultra High Resolution Velocity

HPC is 50 Teraflops. 2D RTH velocity  with GR curve and wiggle. The pixel size is 12.5×2.5 m. The dimension  is 190×450 m.  The red color of the palette is high-velocity deposits of Perm. Baltic Syneclise, Curonian Depression.